How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch

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My ebook - How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch - shows you the roadmap to success.

Whether you’re selling ideas to investors, pitching media outlets for new projects or persuading buyers on your prototype, How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch will transform the way you position your ideas.

The ebook describes seven easy steps to structure your approach to that important decision maker.

One truly great pitch can make you a lot of money – even change your life.

You’ll walk out of your next pitch feeling confident and ready to make a deal.

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Mickey Rogers
Mickey Rogers

I am a creative, strategic entrepreneur – an expert in IP exploitation, business growth and executive producing. I’ve built multi-million dollar media businesses with sweat equity and then pitching investors. I can show you how you can do that too.

I’ve won all kinds of awards for quality children’s television, including an international Emmy. I’ve been nominated for Woman of the Year for the work I’ve done in the media on social issues.

I am an award-winning journalist so know how to hone your story and focus it for the international marketplace.

I’ll show you how to take the knowledge, skills and creativity to hone your stories to appeal to investors, buyers and an international audience; utilize your expertise and authenticity to sell yourself and your project – an idea, your business or your products; and find financing to make it a reality.

I believe in the creative spirit to forge an authentic path for you and those around you who think differently.

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How to Win Your Next Creative Pitch (ebook download)